Landscape Architecture


Dargaville residence plan

Residential Landscape Design Plan

The Benefits of Good Landscape Design

Good landscape design will not only complement and enhance the amenity of a building but it has the potential to increase the value of a property, reduce energy bills, filter dust and particulates, screen unattractive views, and maximise the use and enjoyment of a property.


Detail: Residential Plan

Detail: Residential Landscape Design Plan

Our Services

Our services can encompass the survey, design, detailed design (including construction details for paving, decks etc., and planting plans), and supervision of the planting and construction of a garden.  Sometimes property owners prefer to limit the design input to a conceptual landscape plan.  A concept plan provides a ‘master plan’ for the garden, illustrating areas of lawn and planting, the location of trees, structural elements such as paving and decks, and the alignment of paths and it allows the homeowner to work towards an end vision over time.