Simon Cocker

Welcome to Simon Cocker Landscape Architecture Ltd., Formed in 2009, we are a Whangarei based landscape architecture and landscape planning practice with a satellite office in Warkworth.  The practice principally operates within the North Island.

What we offer

Offering a range of skills and experience in all aspects of landscape architecture; the practice specialises in environmental planning and assessment, landscape design, and site planning.  The broad skill base and experience of the practice is reflected in our practical approach to planning and we have extensive experience of working as part of multi-disciplinary teams, with individuals, local and regional authorities, and corporate clients on a wide variety of projects from inception through design, assessment and the resource consent process to implementation.  These projects have varied in scale from domestic and commercial gardens, urban and rural parks, larger infrastructure projects including marinas, jetties, roading and rail corridor schemes, power stations, extraction projects such as quarries and sand mining, dams, and institutional projects including schools, retirement villages and hospitals.

Our design philosophy

Our guiding design philosophy is grounded in the desire to craft sustainable systems through an analysis to gain an understanding of existing natural landscape patterns and biophysical processes, and designing to restore, enhance or replicate these.

About Simon Cocker

Simon Cocker is the principal of the practice and a Registered Landscape Architect.  Originally trained in the UK, Simon has worked in local government and private practice in the UK, Australia, Canada and, for the last 24 years, in New Zealand.  He has been based in Whangarei for 16 years, during which time he has worked within the Council’s Parks Division and in private practice.  He is experienced in presenting evidence in the Environment Court.



Simon Cocker