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Commercial landscape design Tui Medical centre

Tui Medical Centre, Maunu.

The Benefits of Landscape Design

Good landscape design can provide numerous benefits to a building or development or community.  These include:

  • Enhancing the appearance of, or integrating a building or development into its setting;
  • Satisfying Council regulatory requirements;
  • Potential for enhancing the financial value of buildings or developments;
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs;
  • Reduction of storm water runoff, thereby reducing the potential for flooding;
  • Erosion control reducing loss of soils in waterways;
  • Controlling temperature extremes, stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter;
  • Reduction in evaporation and soil degradation;
  • Filtering pollutants and providing cleaner air;
  • Providing privacy, and;
  • Creating green spaces or buffer zones to increase the liveability of communities.

SCLA Commercial, Institutional and Civic Projects

The practice has undertaken a broad range of site-specific landscape design projects such as shopping centres, office developments, healthcare facilities, retirement villages, service stations, schools, and parks.  These have included the Kowhai Falls retail development in Warkworth (2016), the Whangarei Base Hospital Administration building (2012 – 2015), Bream Bay (retirement) Village (2018), Kaukapakapa School (2015), Horahora Primary School (2014), and Mander Park (2012 – 2014) in Whangarei.

SCLA Landscape Design Services

We can assist with formulation of the brief, site measurement, and development of a landscape concept plan for the site, the development of construction drawings and planting plans, inviting and reviewing tenders from landscape contractors, awarding contracts and acting as the client’s agent or project manager.

We also have the ability to prepare presentation drawings of the project (artist impressions or visual simulations), so that it can be displayed to others.